Labor Organizer 1.0.5 PL + for Windows 10


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Labor Organizer EN + is easily manage tasks within the company and efficient organization and division of tasks between employees as well as reporting and insightful analysis of ongoing activities. The program helps to control the use of working time for employees with status reporting tasks, appointments and to monitor the progress of the work and the analysis of labor costs, control and accounting of time working with RCP module. At each stage of the planning task management features available information related to tasks such as meetings, appointments, notes, reported problems, progress in the work, the employees involved in the project. Built-in RCP allows time management of individual employees. An employee starting work starts countdown time spent on a task. His boss at any time can control the use of working time and thus the efficiency of powdładnych. Email Notification System facilitates contact with employees and inform them about what is going on in the project. However, the system allows for the authorization of separate groups of workers with different levels of access to data, depending on their function, role in the project, task. Key Features: * projects / tasks * record of scheduled meetings, scheduled appointments, notes, tasks related * record of reported problems and the progress of the work * project management functions for managers and employees: the allocation of workers to tasks, team empowerment project * limitations regular employees access only to projects / tasks assigned to them * control module work time - RCP * reports and statements to facilitate the supervision of the execution of tasks and deadlines and monitoring progress * schedule automatically checking and informing about the planned events * system-defined notification e-mail sent to employees * Create new projects / tasks on the basis of existing projects (copying data) * user rights administration program, a system of passwords and access to different program options * work on the network - Firebird SQL database for access via the Internet * add-ons: exchange rates National Bank of Poland, directory of banks NOTE! After installing the demo should provide the following information: Username: admin Password: admin